Patients First Launches Transformational Products for Safely Discharging and Transporting Newborns

Patients First Launches Transformational Products for Safely Discharging and Transporting Newborns

Patients First Launches Transformational Products for Safely Discharging and Transporting Newborns 150 150 Patients First Products

New line Ensures Safety, Significantly Streamlines Operations & Revolutionizes Patient Experience

Fort Meyers, FL — Patients First Products, a leading child safety manufacturer with over three decades of engineering and safety excellence, announces the launch of the Infant Discharge Cart and Infant Mini Transport which will ensure the safety of newborns and their families, significantly streamline efficiencies and revolutionize the overall patient experience in hospital and healthcare facilities.

The company’s Infant Discharge Cart offers moms and newborns a safe, convenient and efficient “one trip” discharge from the hospital or birthing center, which is essential in today’s current environment. The cart offers a practical solution for hospital staff who are juggling a multitude of tasks and are challenged to safely and efficiently transport and discharge moms and their newborns, with limited contact. The Infant Discharge Cart is an essential enhancement to the patient experience, as parents are challenged when trying to carry their newborn along with all of their belongings, gifts and flowers, for what can be a very long distance.

“With the current visitation restrictions in a COVID environment, we have received feedback that mothers are experiencing difficulties at the time of discharge and fathers are not permitted to make multiple trips,” said Paul Giampavolo, President of Patients First Products. “The need for a safe and convenient one-trip discharge is critical,” he added.

The cart accommodates all makes and models of infant car seat carriers, which secure safely into a sanitary docking station. The cart is designed so that it can be used with or without a wheelchair.

Patients First Products is also introducing the Infant Mini Transport, offering the same essential safety features and amenities of the Infant Discharge Cart for mothers of newborns visiting a range of healthcare facility settings. Giampavolo adds, “Moms who have recently given birth have traditionally been challenged to carry their bulky infant carrier, along with all of their belongings to their appointments, which can be difficult, as well as dangerous. Now with the Infant Mini Transport, they can safely and conveniently transport their newborn baby to these medical appointments.” The transport will be made available to outpatient clinics, urgent care clinics, doctor’s offices, medical centers, radiology/imaging centers, blood test facilities, emergency rooms and hospitals.

Similar to the Discharge Cart, the Infant Mini Transport is compact and safely docks the infant carrier in a position close to mom. It is held in place with pull tight side hooks for a safe, secure, and sanitary connection. The Infant Mini Transport is ergonomically designed for ease of use and offers a molded shelf which can store small items including paperwork and handbag. The transport can fit the baby’s diaper bag and other essentials.

Both the Infant Discharge Cart and the Mini Transport work with all makes and models of infant seat carriers. Easy to maintain and sanitize, both the cart and transport are constructed of durable, commercial food grade plastic and stainless steel. They both meet all applicable standards and regulations, and all materials are non-toxic and colorfast. The carts easily nest one into another to conserve floor space.


A veteran owned USA manufacturer, Patients First Products is part of a rich history in child safety manufacturing, advancing solutions in safety and operations since 1983. With over three decades of safety and innovation excellencethe company has won a range of prestigious awards and achievements that include: The White House Recognition of Efforts in Child Safety as well as the Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman’s Commendation for Significant Contributions to Product Safety.

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